Кот Муций (cat_mucius) wrote,
Кот Муций

А вот вам вопросик - альбом Skyclad "Jonah's Ark" содержит между песнями такую вот исполняемую зловещим голосом интермедию:

"Nobody could have conceived in the final decade of the 20th century that our humble affairs were being manipulated by computer interface. Not a soul could have surmised that the lives of billions were of less consequence than a decimal point in the stock exchanges of the world.

Rare few even questioned the relentless exploitation of our rapidly dwindling natural resources. And yet across the polished boardroom tables, beings immensely more devious than ourselves surveyed this defiled planet with jaundiced eyes, and swiftly and ruthlessly, they hatched foul plots against us."

Кто опознает литературный первоисточник? :-)

И чтоб дважды не вставать - группа Slayer никогда не звучала лучше!
Tags: literature, music
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